Upper Cross Syndrome

A person with the last name of Janda gave this disorder a name many years ago and it is one of the main things that walk through the door of my office. A patient that is suffering from this many complain of neck, upper back, shoulder or headache pain. Usually this pain is brought about and increases throughout the day as they put themselves into bad postures. These bad postures turn into bad habits that you just can’t seem to break. Your body seems to permanently be in this position where you feel slumped though out the shoulders, neck and upper back. This problem has to do with muscles that either excessively taunt or weak. This is the root of the problem and we will talk about how we find it, fix it and get you back to living the life you want.

Some of the muscles that are turned on too much are your pectoral, upper trapezius muscles. This will cause them to be in a chronically shortened state that your body will recognize as their default setting and stay contracted.

Some of the muscles that are not turned on enough and are weak are the rhomboids, lower trapezius and deep neck flexors. This will cause them to be in a chronically lengthened state that your body will recognize as their default setting and stay lengthened.

We treat this condition with a three-pronged attack including soft tissue mobilization, adjustments and exercise rehabilitation. The soft tissue mobilization will help to address the muscular issues and get the body moving better. The adjustments will help to get the joints tracking properly. The exercise rehabilitation will be where the rubber meets the road to help reprogram these muscles to act like they are supposed to.

Addressing your posture is a key component in the treatment of this condition. You can imagine yourself with your shoulders, neck and upper back slumped forward reaching back to rub your neck and upper back because they are stiff are sore at the end of the day. Most people can easily imagine this because it is an everyday reality. A lot of the exercise rehabilitation will address these short comings and give you weapons to help take care of yourself.

Christopher Foust, DC, DACBSP

Chiropractic Physician

Synergy Chiropractic, LLC


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