Stand on One Leg + Brush Your Teeth = Good Things

First a warning. If you can not stand on one leg at all due to a complete lack of balance or other issue please use your common sense and do NOT do it!

Brush your teeth standing on one leg. Sounds strange right? I’ll admit that when you are standing there in front of your mirror attempting to stay up-right while making sure your enamel stays pristine it looks silly but believe me when I say there are many benefits.

Here are the instructions:

  • Please be barefoot or at the most be wearing socks on your feet.
  • Stand on one leg and brush. Stand as tall and straight as you can. Brush your teeth for 1-2 minutes switching legs half-way through. If you need some assistance with balance please feel free to use your other hand and as lightly as you can hold on to the counter.

What the heck is this going to do for me? Other than help keeping your teeth clean this will help to stimulate your entire posterior chain of muscles from your foot all the way to your back. Need to work your core? This helps. Need to work on your gluteal muscles? This helps. Need to increase your overall balance? This helps. Want to really get your brain woken up and ready for the day? This helps.

Bonus points for using your non-dominate hand as it will further stimulate your brain.

Christopher Foust, DC, DACBSP

Chiropractic Physician


Synergy Chiropractic, LLC 790 Lafayette Rd Ste 1 Medina, OH 44256


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