SITS and The Rotator Cuff 4!

The rotator cuff is a critical component in your shoulder complex. It is made up of 4 muscles that dynamical stabilize the joint as it goes through motion. The main job of the 4 muscles is to compress and depress your humeral head into the glenoid fossa as you take your arm through a range of motion. Without further ado let’s introduce you to the starts of tonight’s show, SITS and The Rotator Cuff 4!

  • Supraspinatus: Abduction is the main job of this muscle. Think lifting your arm away from your body and you have what this guy does. It is the most commonly injured RTC muscle.
  • Infraspinatus: This is the main external rotator of your shoulder joint. When you pull your arm back into a throwing motion this is main muscle that is used.
  • Teres Minor: This guy works with the Infraspinatus to externally rotate the shoulder.
  • Subscapularis: This is one of the main internal rotators of your shoulder. This helps to provide the follow through in your throwing motion.

Hopefully this little article has increased your knowledge of how your shoulder works. As GI Joe taught me when I was young, “knowing is half the battle.”


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