Is Sitting the New Smoking?

Not too long ago you would see people smoking everywhere without caring too much because we did not know the horrible side effects. Fast forward a few decades and we have seen a drastic decline in the amount of people smoking as we learn more about what it can do to you.

In modern society we spend an increased amount of time sitting on our rear ends for work and pleasure. This is having disastrous effects on our health as a society. Overall fitness and health levels are decreasing as we continue along a path to healthcare oblivion. A couple of the main suspects for this increase in immobility are technology and diet. Our jobs increasingly demand that we use technology usually in a seated position for long periods of time. A lot of our pastimes revolve around technology and being sedentary as well. Add to that cheap, processed food that provides little to no nutritional value that is eaten in very large quantities and you have quite the awful mix.

Here are some simple ways you take back some control and help slay the troubles that excessive sitting causes.

  • Move more, sit less. It is that simple. Please bear in mind that this is a relative statement and the amount you can increase your movement is determined by your individual situation.
  • Schedule breaks throughout the day to get up and stretch. An example would be to get up and do a quick stretch your neck, back, legs, arms and legs every half hour to hour.
  • Work on your ergonomics. If you can get a standing desk, awesome go for it. Most people can not do this so practicing good posture and limiting slouching can positively affect your posture and decrease those nasty aches/pains.
  • Exercise during commercial breaks. Are you really that interested in seeing that commercial for the car dealership for the 100th time? Hit mute, stand up and get your body into motion however you wish to. Work through the entire break and you have just done a few minutes of exercise.
  • Understand that you are ultimately responsible for your health. You must decide to make positive changes and STICK TO THEM. Yes, this will take some will power on your part but in the end your body will thank you.

Christopher Foust, DC, DACBSP

Chiropractic Physician


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