Hey Human…Walk Like Me.

With the weather getting colder and the white stuff starting to come down it is inevitable you will run into a slippery situation this winter. Slipping on ice can cause quite a lot a damage to your body so mimicking an aquatic bird can literally save your tail. Here are 3 tips to help keep you upright and moving without pain.

  • Take short steps. This will help to keep your center of gravity over your feet.
  • Keep your hands out of your pockets and at your side. This will help you to keep your balance on a not-so-stable surface.
  • Walk flat footed. This will help to keep as much surface area contacting the ground as possible.

Pretty simple stuff. It may look funny when you are doing it but if it keeps up upright and injury free it is more than worth it.


Christopher Foust, DC, DACBSP®

Chiropractic Physician


Synergy Chiropractic, LLC

790 Lafayette Rd Ste 1

Medina, OH 44256

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