Diet vs Life Style Change

The diet is a temporary thing that once it is done the chances of going back to your old ways are pretty high and hence the failure. The trick to keeping the positive results coming is a life style change. This requires a fair amount of will power and stubbornness to produce lasting results that will not leave. This requires taking full responsibility for your health and life to make it a priority. The positive changes that can occur by someone committing to a plan can simply be incredible.

Here are a couple examples of life style change choices that can positively affect your life.

  • Are you physically capable of walking? Park a little farther way in the parking lot. Take the stairs. Stroll around the metro parks. This is a very short list so use your imagination. All of these are free and easy to do as long as you can physically walk.
  • Put down or limit the soda and sugary drinks you consume in a day.
  • Drink more water.
  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Going up and down the aisles will get a whole bunch of processed stuff into cart that will not help you along your life style change.
  • Plan your meals. Every week create a menu of what you will be eating and create a list. Go and shop to that list. This will not only help to keep you on track with your food intake but will probably save you a few bucks by not getting those impulse buys.
  • Allow for indulgences. You are not a robot so allow yourself a little room to indulge on something you really want. Do not go into excess with this negatively affect your progress.


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