Are you SAD?




The Mayo Clinic states that SAD is a type of depression that is linked to the seasons. Most people seem to suffer from this during the winter time when it is colder and we spend less time in the sunlight. This is considering that you reside in the northern hemisphere like we do in Ohio. Some people really find this to be quite draining and they are just not themselves. Are you looking to shake that SAD monkey off your back and feel a bit better? Well here are some simple ideas that will help to smile while the snow flies.

  • When you put your body into motion with exercise you help to produce Serotonin and other chemicals to combat depression.
  • Use a light source that mimics natural sunlight. Exposure to this kind of light for about 30 minutes a day can help to stimulate melatonin which in turn can help to maintain your circadian rhythms. This probably won’t give you a tan but it can keep your spirits up.
  • Take a vitamin D3 supplement. Natural sunlight helps to activate D3 in your body. When we are not exposed to it as much our supplies are lower and depression sinks in easier.
  • Meditation/mindfulness. Spending just a few minutes each day really going into your head can help to create a happier, calmer you. Yoga is a great way to start this. Of course, make sure you can do the yoga practice safely before beginning one.
  • Lower your sugar intake. Probably not the easiest thing to do with the holidays right around the corner but decreasing your sugar intake generally will decrease your inflammation throughout your body.


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