5 Exercises For People That Don’t Exercise

So you think you are a unique snowflake with a schedule so packed that you can not possibly fit a work out into your day? Wrong. A primary part of my mission is to get people to move better and more. I come across a lot of folks that say that they are too busy or any number of excuses why they can’t routinely exercise. Well, just because you can not get to a gym or carve out 20-30 minutes a day to break a sweat does not mean that you can not get more movement into your day. I am not sure where I heard the saying but it goes motion is lotion. This is very true to keep all those aches and pains away along with the added benefits of extra calories and stress being burnt.

Please bear in mind your absolute physical restrictions and seek medical advice before performing these if you have any doubts.

  • Park farther away at the store. We’ve all seen the people circling looking for the closest spot. If the weather is not an issue just part a bit farther away and add some steps to your daily count.
  • Take the stairs. Whether it is 1 flight or 3 flights of stairs. Every step you take will be a benefit your health.
  • Walk at lunch. This can provide a much needed break from the monotony of the work day. If it is nice outside, go outside. If it is not so nice, walk around the building and do some stairs while you are at it.
  • Add some resistance. Want to take the average stroll and punch it up a notch? Add some ankle and wrist weights. These are usually pretty easy to find and strap on.
  • Air squats. You don’t need a fancy rack to do squats. Use your body weight, stand up and almost sit all the way down. Repeat. There are some finer points to this but just think about sitting into a chair from a standing position. Additionally, this can be used to help prevent falls but making sure people are “safe sitting”.


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