5 of the best tips I have ever received to eat better

Some people find that eating healthy can be a little daunting. This could be due to several factors but they definitely vary between people. I am going to share the 5 most powerful tips that have been shared with me that made eating healthier much easier.

  • Plan your meals. Planning for 1 week is usually sufficient but you can do more should you wish. This helps focus you when you are at the grocery store because you will shop to what you need and hopefully ignore a lot of those impulse buys. This may even make your savings account a little better as well since you won’t be buying anything extra.
  • Cook your own meals. Preparing your food will help you connect with the experience and make you more aware of what you are putting into your mouth. Enlisting your kids at this point will also help to make them eat a bit healthier as well since they will become invested in the process. Major bonus points if you grow your own stuff and the kids help with that as well.
  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Most of what you need should be around the perimeter of the store. Venturing down into the aisles will expose you to all the things you probably should not be eating.
  • Put down the sugary drinks. This is including but is not limited to energy drinks, soda, sweetened tea, coffee style drinks. Drink more water.
  • Use a fitness tracker. This is basically to make yourself accountable. You won’t believe just how fast this will stop you from putting something you should not into your mouth. Seeing just how much you consume in any given day is empowering. This will help to measure where you currently are and once we can measure something we can change it.


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