3 Winter Activities To Be Mindful Of

In the winter time ice and snow are the not the only thing that may accumulate. Injuries due to the weather may increase as well. A lot of these are determined by what level of activity you enjoy when the thermometer starts to dip below the freezing mark. One of our major goals is not only to help get you out of pain these injuries may cause but to return you to the activity as expeditiously as we possibly can.

  • Slip and fall on ice. We’ve all done this whether it is from walking the dog or just hitting a slippery spot on some steps or sidewalk. Be mindful of your footing and gait to help prevent any injuries from this. See my previous “Hey Human… Walk Like Me” blog post for more information.
  • Sledding/Skiing/Snowboarding/Snowtubing. Hitting unexpected bumps or careening out of control can happen to the best of us when we are dealing with ice and snow. These can lead to some pretty wicked injuries ranging from bumps and bruises to severe fractures, strain/sprains and concussions. Have fun but be careful out there.
  • Shoveling snow. This can be a tricky one because it can sneak up on you. Snow can be very heavy substance and as such it can tax your musculoskeletal system depending on how good of physical shape you are in. Next time you go out to clear your driveway or side walk take a moment and plan what you are going to do to save your body a bit of trouble.


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