3 Tips For Runners To Keep The Injury Bug Away

A lot of my training and time is spent working with runners and the aliments that it can cause. I get asked quite often what people can do to work with an injury as well as keep them from happening. Here are some quick tips that will keep the miles ticking away.

  • Gluts and core. These the primary exercises I recommend to my runners. It does not matter if you are a trail or road runner, most running occurs between 30 – 60 degrees of knee flexion. The gluteal muscles are some of the primary stabilizers of the knee in this range of motion. Making sure your core is adequately firing will ensure that your pelvis is in as much of neutral position as possible. This will decrease the stresses below and above it on the kinetic chain.
  • You warmed up, did you cool down? I know when you are done you just want to get home and get cleaned up but the cool down is probably more important in injury prevention. Cooling down will help you body maximize the benefit of your run while giving it a chance to calm down
  • If you have not tried a good yoga practice yet I urge you to do so as the benefits are pretty spectacular. Pushing mileage every week can really put your body through some stress so taking the time to not only stretch but strengthen your body will make your training that much more doable.


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